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Posted by rajascientist Monday, August 17, 2009

Recently I came across a washing machine ,the problem was it was not draining the water after spinning. It was an Whirlpool automatic washing machine. I opened the back cover gained access to the drain hose .

Actually draining of water will be actuated by pulling the piston out.It is done by a motor gear assembly ,which pulls the string connected to the drain hose. I pulled the string manually water gushed out immediately. So the problem might be with that drain motor or with the swith which actuates this motor.

After removing the machine completely I found that the small motor gear set has been rusted by water.Some how water has entered and it spoiled everything. I took that motor set and opened its cover.

Inside it was a permanent magnet AC motor ,which runs on 220V 50Hz supply. I carefully removed all the gears and gained access to the motor. I removed that motor and connected it to 220V ,but the motor struggled to spin.

So i found out the problem , It was this faulty motor. Actually rust has developed around the stator which prevented free rotation of the motor. I cleaned and removed the rust, now again the motor spins perfectly.

I carefully assembled the gears back to its position and screwed it to the machine. Now it works perfectly. If still the problem exists , better replace the drain motor.


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