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Posted by rajascientist Friday, August 7, 2009

In my previous post I shared my experience about my UPS now I have two more devices to share with you all. One thing is Electronic Choke and the other Emergency lamp.

Electronic Fluorescent lamp choke:

I got a tube light with no response ,from one of my customer .His doubt was lightning. I opened the electronic choke and his doubt was right it was affected by lightning. I just had a look at the PCB, line to a small transformer inside was burnt .

I just gave a parallel connection to it using a small bit of wire. I checked each and every component inside and everything works fine. After connecting the choke I switched on and the tube light glows.

Emergency lamp:

Another case was with an emergency lamp which is plugged in while charging and was affected by lightning .

The green light was not glowing that is battery is not charging but it can discharge . The lamp glows with the residue charge present in the battery.

After opening the lamp having a look at the PCB found a hole in the PCB , might have got a severe volt. Fortunately everything was fine I checked each and every component . Now as usual I traced the line and gave a parallel line to the small transformer whose circuit was burnt.

Now i plugged in and switched on the lamp ,the green light glows and the battery is charging . Every thing works fine.


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