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Posted by rajascientist Friday, August 7, 2009

Like many other guys me too very much interested towards electronics and I like troubleshooting them. Here I am going to share some of my experience regarding electronic gadgets affected by lightning .

Normally a device gets affected by lightning when its power chord is just plugged in , doesn't matter its switched on or not, just a plugged chord is enough to get affected by lightning.

First thing I am going to share is about my UPS


One night I left my UPS plugged in , but power is switched off . I went to sleep , around midnight I heard a loud bang like how a glass piece dropped down will make shattering sound. I woke up and ran towards my PC and TV thought one of my picture tube would have burst. Luckily both was safe , I happily went to sleep without knowing the whats waiting for me the next day , next morning when I switched on my PC, UPS has no response and at that time I recalled what happened last night.

Opened my UPS, removed PCB board , what I saw was along the border of PCB the ground line was burnt and lost two diodes, which I found later after testing with Multimeter.

I just tracked down the line of PCB and just soldered a piece of wire instead of that line and replaced those diodes. Now it works fine .

I have seen some more devices affected by lightning .In my experience ,when compared to other faults lightning causes PCB burning normally it doesn't spoils any components.


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