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Electricity From Water

Posted by rajascientist Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simple Battery

Following the below procedure you can make a simple battery ,by just using water as a electrolyte.

Things needed:

  1. Water
  2. Zinc plate
  3. Carbon rod
  4. Waste battery

This simple battery needs two electrodes Zinc and Carbon .These electrodes can be easily obtained from junk batteries.

How to remove carbon rod:

First of all remove the external metal covering of the battery carefully.Now the layer covering the battery is nothing but Zinc .

After removing the plastic cover ,carefully remove the carbon rod by pulling at the top. You can get a black rod that is nothing but the carbon rod.

Leave all those black powder which is of no use for us .Now the zinc plate and carbon rod are going to act as a electrode.


Take a glass full of water immerse these two electrodes, now check the voltage using multimeter.By connecting two or more such cells you can produce voltage enough to light a LED.

For more voltage add some acid to water ,so that the conductivity of water increases.You can add lemon ,citrus juice to water which are acidic in nature .


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