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Posted by rajascientist Thursday, October 15, 2009 0 comments

                       When it comes to the design of fans there hasn’t been much innovation or change for a long time. An electric motor turns some blades which then produces a flow of air. The design is simple, yet effective, and we use such fans in everything from keeping our PC components cool to keeping ourselves cool on a hot summer day.

                     Dyson, most well known for revolutionizing the vacuum cleaner market with its bagless design, has now started another revolution with fans. Its researchers have managed to create a fan that has no blades yet still manages to produce a strong stream of air flow.    

                     The Airblade hand-dryer, launched three years ago, was initially compared to a noisy trouser press. Now it is common in office, school and NHS toilets, drying hands in as little as 10 seconds and reducing infection by cutting cross-contamination from bacteria.

                    Stung by criticism of relying on overseas manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China, Dyson said the new products would be assembled in the UK and exported from the UK. "We are a British company but we weren't allowed to expand in the UK," he said.

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