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WASHING MACHINE-- Water Level Controller

Posted by rajascientist Sunday, October 31, 2010 1 comments

                        Below are the pictures of Water Level Controller



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                   I am  back  once  again with another issue in Washing Machine. It is actually Automatic Washing Machine with top loading type.

Complaint :
                  After setting the water level the drum starts filling , but once filled  it never goes to wash mode.No response  from the machine.

                   I thought for a while, these  automatic  machines  have Lid Switch ,whose main function is to stop washing  whenever the lid is open.

               Though  the lid  is closed  , I am not sure whether the lid switch is working . So i  lifted the  lid ,by lifting itself  I came to know tat switch is at fault , because you will hear  the click sound  of the switch every time the  lid is lifted and closed, that i didn't  hear this time.

               I opened the top panel of the machine  and found the switch is at fault ,I  replaced it with new one and now the Machine works perfectly. In case if you don't  get the switch you can directly short circuit the wires.

Inference: Check the Lid Switch.
                Listen for click sound while lifting the Lid.


Posted by rajascientist Sunday, May 30, 2010 1 comments

                            In  my  previous  post  regarding   water drain problem   in  washing  machine  it  was  purely a  technical  fault   (  problem  with  motor- gear   piston  drive)    ,   but this time  nothing   technical  involved.

                          The   problem  is with the  drain control  pump,  it is blocked  completely  with   detergents  and powder  as it is left uncleaned  for  months . I  just  removed  the  hose  and  drain  outlet  , it was  totally  blocked  .


                                I  just  cleaned it  and  put back it in place  ,  now  every thing  works  fine .


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                                                           FLINTOFF DEAD RUMOUR


Posted by rajascientist Saturday, January 30, 2010 0 comments

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Emergency Lamp Starting Problerm --- Faulty D882 Transistor

Posted by rajascientist Wednesday, January 27, 2010 4 comments

                                                 Emergency 6v Battery  Fluorescent Lamp

                        This is the most common problem experienced  by  emergency  lamp.,1075042340.html   whether single or double bulb. When connected to power green light will glow ,but when operated from battery lamp will not glow also the red light.


                       While charging  we can test the battery by pressing  the test button , but in this case  if u press that button you will end up burning  10E resistor near the push button.

                        To conclude in short the main cause for this problem is faulty  D882 NPN  transistor  , replace both the transistor  , now switch on the lamp after charging the battery  , it will be fine.

                         In case of transformerless power supply you may find  only one D882 transistor.

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