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Emergency Lamp Starting Problerm --- Faulty D882 Transistor

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                                                 Emergency 6v Battery  Fluorescent Lamp

                        This is the most common problem experienced  by  emergency  lamp.,1075042340.html   whether single or double bulb. When connected to power green light will glow ,but when operated from battery lamp will not glow also the red light.


                       While charging  we can test the battery by pressing  the test button , but in this case  if u press that button you will end up burning  10E resistor near the push button.

                        To conclude in short the main cause for this problem is faulty  D882 NPN  transistor  , replace both the transistor  , now switch on the lamp after charging the battery  , it will be fine.

                         In case of transformerless power supply you may find  only one D882 transistor.

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