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Setupdd.sys Could Not Be Loaded Error Code 4

Posted by rajascientist Tuesday, December 29, 2009

               Recently  my  friend had a problem with his system. The complaint was with the power supply , when turned there is no response in CPU  .  I removed the  SMPS  and after inspecting for a while , we found that the problem  was with SMPS  and  we decided to  buy new one instead  of repairing  it.

               After connecting the  new SMPS  I switched on the computer but we found abnormal signs in monitor display , it  flicked ,also  many  dots  and vertical line were seen in the display. Ignoring that we proceeded  but unable to boot  in all modes  including safe mode.

               We once again checked for all connections  and  again restarted the system but there was  no use.
So  we  decided to  install new XP  but that too ended in vain.  While booting from cd we had the following  error  Setupdd.sys  Could  Not  Be  Loaded  Error  Code 4    , we found out that the problem was with RAM  and  I removed it and cleaned it after inserting ,same problem occured, so  we replaced it with new RAM now system works fine.


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