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Posted by rajascientist Sunday, December 13, 2009


                 I am back to share some tips and experience of mine with  you all. I came across a FM STEREO CASSETTE PLAYER  , the complaint was over heating  and no response. Power supply was good .

                 It was a bit old model it has both FM and cassette player , i opened the case and closely examined . Soon  I felt the heat all over the case.I touched each and every part and when I just touched the heat sink of amplifier IC  my God it almost burnt my finger .

                It was extremely hot , switching off the power supply i checked the pcb for any fault immediately i found direct short circuit  between positive and negative .I checked for diode ,resistors and finally transistors all are working fine  but still my multimeter shows 0 ohms between + and -.

               The only part left was amp IC  CD6283CS , at last i found it , it was the faulty IC which created the problem it was shorted . I removed the IC and checked it yes it was gone.I replaced it with new one now the set works fine .


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