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My Own Idea To Try

Posted by rajascientist Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Road Side Lighting :
             Have  you ever noticed  a lot of wind energy is produced and wasted , as a vehicle pass by you along the high way. These  wind energy produced throughout the day can be used effectively to generate power. These power can be used for lighting road side lights.

          Placing small wind turbine along  the road will generate power, enough  wind will be produced by vehicle passing by. These turbines can be placed along the road side or at the platform separating two lanes. Thousand of vehicle pass by every day and plenty of artificial wind is produced.

 Wind Turbine For Vehicle:    

               Another idea is placing a small turbine above or at the front of the vehicle . As the vehicle moves these turbines can be used to generate  power ,enough to charge a battery .Once fully charged this can be used to run the car. Alternate  battery can be charged at the same time.Hence a complete electric car  ,without any wastage of time in charging the battery can be obtained.


              For additional power the body of car  can be coated with solar cell.


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