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Simple Laser From Junk Dvd Player

Posted by rajascientist Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Laser Diode:

How to remove laser diode from a junk Dvd player , this is the most common question.Finally the answer in revealed below.

Below is the picture of laser lens set acquired from a junk Dvd player.

At the center is lens ,surrounded by focus adjustment coils.But our point of focus is laser diode. For your convenience i have removed the laser diode separately.

Once you have located the laser diode you can remove it by cutting the strip.Now you have got a four pin laser diode.

Polarity of diode:

Our next task is to find the polarity of the laser diode. With simple technique it can be done easily. Place the diode on the ground such that the pins face the sky , now look at the bottom of the pin , you can see a black stud in all the three pins except one which is the ground pin .

Now look out for the positive pin ,the pin right to the ground pin is usually the positive ,in some case the pin left to the ground acts as positive.

Laser beam:

To check the diode use two batteries ,so that a steady 3v can be obtained. Most of the laser diode operate at 3v ,any thing above 3V may spoil the diode,be careful.

The moment you connect your battery ,you can see a beam of red laser gushing out. This beam can be focused in to a single point by using collimating lens .

For more powerful laser look for CD or DVD writer , laser diode.

Don't look at the diode directly ,you may end up damaging your eye.


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